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24 May, 2020

How to Prepare Yourself from Uncertain Times

Here’s the truth about the world that we live in… The country has seen enough uncertainty in the last few MONTHS to warrant some level of preparation ☝️. When it comes to energy an ...

17 May, 2020

Unprecedented Times doesn't have to mean Larger Energy Bills

While parts of Australia are opening up, chances are you may still be spending 💯 percent of your workday from home. With more energy being used during peak hours, it might be a good time to make e ...

10 May, 2020

An Opportunity for Commercial Businesses Everywhere

Chances are social distancing measures will have your team members working from home…and with all that empty office space, this might be a great opportunity as a commercial business to find way ...

3 May, 2020

Invest in Something Worthwhile...

Toilet paper hoarding is reactive 🧻…invest in something WORTH collecting ➡️ solar… It’s clear that things can change at the drop of the hat, but your energy usage shouldn&r ...

26 Apr, 2020

Have Peace of Mind working with our Team

Our mandate has been to serve our community and clients the best way we know how – with our craftsmanship and diligence in maintaining the highest industry standards regarding our safety measures. ...

19 Apr, 2020

Our Commitment to You

We’re here for you 💥. These unprecedented times mean that majority of our time will be spent working, living and playing at home. With more electricity and energy being consumed during peak hour ...

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