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28 Feb, 2021

Why Battery Systems are Worth Considering

Here’s a look at another recent installation that our team completed up at Singleton. This one is of a 6.6kW system. Our clients wanted as much independence from the grid as possible, so we a ...

21 Feb, 2021

Small Details that Make a Big Difference

Panels and position is just ONE piece of the solar puzzle… When it comes to sound design, it’s the small details that matter most. You have to remember that the small parts and component ...

14 Feb, 2021

An Example of Smart Design

Placement isn’t the only thing that matters…angles do too. The positioning of panels is crucial in ensuring that your system generates as much energy as possible from the sun. It may ...

7 Feb, 2021

A Look at a Recent Installation

“What size of a system is appropriate for my home?” The answer really does vary. For instance, this particular client wanted to cover their bases completely with solar. The result was ...

31 Jan, 2021

An Example of Good Design

This is what good design ought to look like… Our clients came to us wondering whether it’d be doable to install such an extensive system on their property – but our team did an incredi ...

24 Jan, 2021

You'd Be Surprised to Discover What we Can Do

We’re looking back at some of our most previous installations from last year. Sometimes our clients come to us with some scepticism of whether we can install an extensive system on a narrow ro ...

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