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23 May, 2021

Be Empowered to Make the Right Decision

When it comes to solar, one’s hesitance is understandable. Solar technology is new and evolving, always on the cusp of something even better and efficient. From learning about solar installation co ...

16 May, 2021

Why Invest in Solar Storage Solutions

Solar battery storage is attracting home and business owners, who are making the transition to solar power. This is a big change from just five years ago – they could not easily store the energ ...

9 May, 2021

The Savings You Can Experience with Solar

Our client definitely has a reason to smile now that we’ve got her 10.3kWh battery up and running. According to new data, approximately 1 million Australians have roof space that is quite well ...

2 May, 2021

Our Process

We understand that quality is one of the top elements our clients want to see happen with their investment. That is why all of our work is expertly inspected by our Founder, Michael (a CEC Accredite ...

25 Apr, 2021

Solar is now Accessible in Australia

The NSW Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal just released a report showing that solar rooftop systems have been oversubscribed by over two THOUSAND per cent all year. These numbers show that ...

18 Apr, 2021

Our Promise to our Clients

We can reduce your emissions and save you money on your electricity bills in the Hunter Valley, Central Coast, and Sydney. …And this is a promise we intend to deliver for all of our clients. ...

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